Rasmus trying to get back on track after battling bad sinus infection

Colby Rasmus was selected in the first round of the 2005 First-Year Player Draft. Right now, not too much is making sense for him on the field. Rasmus, widely regarded as the top prospect in the Cardinals organization, is discovering a new side of the game. This side of the game is one he does not like.

He is struggling like never before. He is not hitting as well as he or anyone else expects him to. It seems that alot of his problems have been caused by a nasty sinus infection that really made him ill.

This bad sinus infection caused him to lose over 10 pounds and he just couldn't focus. He was quoted as saying "I was dead tired all the time. My head felt the size of a beach ball," Rasmus said. "It all kind of went downhill from that point."

He is hoping that now that his sinus infection symptoms have subsided that he will return to his old form.