Sex, Drugs and Rock 'N Roll: NFL continues Shaking it's Money Maker...

Whilst I theoretically should be ecstatic over My Titans new GM John Robinson pullin' a John "Not Bo Duke" Schneider of Seattle Seahawks notorious Wheeler-Dealer General Manager in the just concluded draft. Where Robinson amassed ten picks which hopefully will not only improve Tennessee but also shore up protection for Franchise QB Marcus Mariota.

But as I've scribbled here before, right now I'm really not very impressed at all with Pro Football, which just seems like one Huge Cesspool 'O Corporate greed!

Certainly everybody enamoured with Thy National Football League knows the bizarre Outings of Ole Miss Linebacker Laremy Tunsil by now, when reportedly Hackers first posted a picture of him in a gas mask allegedly smoking some foreign substance from a Bong. Then next posting on his INstagram account two pictures of Tunsil asking for cash from an Assistant Coach at Ole Miss, for which Tunsil has not denied either occurrence...

Yet I'm still brooding over 'Ol Squeaky Clean Peyton Manning's High jinx, for which conveniently he's still maintaining an ultra low profile after allegation of his Sexual Harassment of a female trainer while starring at the University of Tennessee seem pretty conclusive.

Now I'm in a bit of a pickle here, since I'm aware of Peyton's "Good Side" when it comes to charitable causes, but I cannot shake the feeling that unfortunately he's another Lance Armstrong! Since even if we all make mistakes during our youth, Manning's steadfast denial seems to ring hollow, especially when the would-be recipient of said prank encourages Peyton to "Do the Right Thing!"

As the ironic part, or is it? Is that Peyton's college prankster behavior is being called out during an ongoing Sexual Assault lawsuit involving Manning's Alma Matter, the University of Tennessee! For which I first became aware of when trolling' Thy Tennessean's Sports section to find out what's new with My Titans.

As the whole sordid affair is quite disturbing, for which how can anybody rightly proclaim someone being a traitor for going to the aid of a woman who's just been raped!

For which two further women have come forward and joined the Sexual Assault lawsuit, which seems to point out a culture of looking the other way in regards to the extracurricular activities of its athletes...

So how does the NFL factor into this you say? Well for Mwah, it seems pretty Hypocritical when they're boasting of their zero tolerance policy regarding Domestic Violence regarding the litany of sexual assaults by NFL players and then turning a blind eye towards this stance when inviting Kurt Maggitt to attend their Combine tryouts. Since allegedly Maggitt was the player who punched the ex-Vols' player coming to the aid of a woman in the lawsuit! Who's since been signed as an undrafted Free Agent by the Indianapolis Colts.

And I'd say the verdict's still out upon Seattle Seahawks 2015 selection Frank Clark who was arrested upon Domestic Violence issues, although he seems to have kept his hands to himself so far.

Meanwhile, as another accusation towards the late Joe Paterno makes headline news and two college football programs definitely seem to be at the very least underneath a cloud of suspicion, with Ole Miss football coach Hugh Freeze claiming He Knows Nothing! Leaving me to ponder if part of their largish monetary contracts as Head Coaches is simply to provide a buffer or act as a shield towards said institution.

As although it's nice to hear the legendous' Sergeant Schulz trademark being rolled out! Roll Out the Barrels... Uhm, it's strange how it's Ok for one of the leagues marquee players to have allegedly used banned Growth Hormones to speed recovery of his broken neck, but Oh My Freakin' Ganja! Marijuana's BAD!

Seriously? Like it's a four game suspension for using Marijuana but the Super Bowl winning QB's comments 'bout drinking a whole SHITLOAD 'O Budweiser's on national television's a rousing endorsement; Oh Never Mind!

And although I scarcely follow college athletics, I do realize how lucrative it's become for these bastions of higher education to have winning Bowl eligible programs, specifically in the amount of millions it showers upon them. Yet ultimately, college football is simply the last rung on the ladder to Pro Football and sadly, most likely where players learn what they can and cannot get away with.

Thus, although it will obviously be a blight upon both school's records, i.e.; Ole Miss and Tennessee if said allegations are true For Mwah, I find the University of Tennessee's much more disturbing and truly hope their found guilty, since they seem to have a long track record of living in the past regarding women's rights! As I haven't even touched upon law enforcement providing "Courtesy Calls" to UT's Head Coach Butch Jones regarding said sexual assault complaints...


MMA World Champion Holly Holm Endorses Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

NORCROSS, Ga., Jan. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, a scientifically driven,  leading sports nutrition and supplement company, is proud to announce it has signed a multi-year endorsement deal with MMA World Champion Holly Holm. The New Mexico fighter known as 'The Preacher's Daughter,' was a force to be reckoned with during her boxing career before transitioning to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)  full time two years ago. Holly was 33-2-3 as a pro boxer, winning titles for the WBF, WBAN, WBC, GBU, WIBA, IFBA, WBA and IBA  before joining the MMA ranks.

Holly Holm is spokesperson for Ionamin OTC

When it comes to sports supplements, Hi-Tech is one of the largest manufacturers in the world with products sold in most major retail chains across the globe, and now they are putting their support behind Holm ahead of her next MMA fight. "Holly takes her nutrition very, very seriously. You can't cut corners in her sport. She must align herself with the best in each field, and that is what she has done joining Hi-Tech's team. Hi-Tech's Brands of sports nutrition products and diet aids is leading the sports supplement industry  and has been in the business of helping elite athletes for 20 years," said Jared Wheat, President of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. "Holly is breaking barriers in the MMA field and Hi-Tech has shattered multiple barriers in the nutrition field. It's a partnership of the two best in their respective fields".

Holm pulled off one of 2015's biggest upsets with a second-round head-kick knockout of heavy favorite and undefeated champion Ronda Rousey November 15th, 2015 at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia . Holm, a former and decorated pro boxer, simply dominated all aspects of the fight. Commenting on the announcement, Vice President of Brand Management, Anthony Presciano, stated, "Holly is an exceptional athlete and a proven winner with a rare ability to be a World-Champion in three different sports. Her work ethic combined with her relentless competitive drive make her an ideal fit for the Hi-Tech brands. We are excited for what the future holds for Holly and the Hi-Tech family of Brands."

Recently Forrest Griffin stated in an MMA Special rankings and year in review - biggest surprise of the year 2015, "now we have this Holly Holm..." and although Dana White previously said he should lose his promoters license if an immediate rematch between Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey is not booked, it appears Holm will indeed face another opponent before a potential second showdown with "Rowdy" and Hi-Tech will be there to lend its nutritional support.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is an enormously successful company that creates, manufactures and sells high-quality products such as Fastin® diet pills and Ionamin®  that are sold by the large, major retailers across the United States. These retailers include: GNC, Rite Aid, Vitamin Shoppe, KMart, Albertson's, CVS, Meijer, Hannaford, Cardinal Health, McKesson, Mclain, Harmon Stores, Winn-Dixie, Supervalu, Roundy's, Sav-On Drugs, Fruth Pharmacy, Amazon.com, and over 5,000 independent drug stores, as well as in more than 80,000 convenience stores throughout the United States.

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals president, Jared Wheat, is one of the few businessmen today who are willing to stand up to the overbearing government agencies such as the FTC and the FDA who are trying to destroy the natural supplement industry.

Hi Tech Pharma is a leader in the sports supplement industry and is growing at a time when many companies are being driven out of business by overreaching government agencies like the FDA and FTC.


Golden State Warriors Take Down Blake Griffin & Chris Paul's Clippers to Even Series at 2-2

In another very fun matchup to watch, Golden State had little trouble taking care of business at home today against a Clippers team who is now dealing with a racist owner caught in the spotlight.

It is humorous that the owner is racist against blacks when his coach is Black and most of his players are black. I also here that his girlfriend is half black half mexican.

I wonder how much this will affect the Clippers effectiveness going forward


Why Do Superstars Keep Drinking, Smoking & Fighting?

With all the arrests of professional football players in the news recently, it makes me wonder why would any of these superstars risk it all for a little smoke or drink?

It seems they think they are above the rest of society as they are paid huge fortunes to play sports which puts them at an economic level well above the average citizen in the world.

But if they would step back just a bit and think about the possible repurcussions of their actions they may wish to be just a wee bit more careful before driving drunk or smoking weed. Just a thought.


Carmelo Anthony Goes Off In Big Win Against Bulls

Derick Rose returned to action today for the bulls but the real story was Carmelo Anthony who had a season high scoring fest against the top NBA team in the East, the Chicago Bulls.

Melo was dominant on the offensive end of the game (he is never dominate defensively) as he hit critical three pointers down the stretch to win the game for New York.

Carmelo Anthony hit 16-of-31 shots and a pair of huge 3-pointers on his way to a season-high 43 points as the Knicks came back late to beat the Bulls in overtime on Sunday.

Rose didn't shoot nearly as well, as D. rose hit just 8-of-26 shots. But he did have quite a few games off and should round into form fairly quickly.

Why Are These Superstars So Lame?

If you have been following the Dwight Howard drama over the past several days as he and coach Stan Van Gundy spar with the media and eachother, you just have to wonder how some of these superstars like D Howard an be so pathetic.

After getting caught in what looked to be a lie about whether or not Dwight had requested that management fire coach Van Gundy, Dwight Howard played one of his most pathetic games as an NBA player.

The reality is, Dwight just refused to try hard because he was upset about his own antics being called out in public. What a baby. This guy get paid a bazillion dollars to be a professional sports player and yet he act like a little child.

So why are guys like Dwight Howard so lame? It must come down to the fact that they get paid way too much, much more than any human is worth, and they get too much attention from the media which feeds their overinflated egos and makes them do stupid things.

Grow up you big babies and do your job.


Riddle me this...

I’d really like to know why ‘Lucy doesn’t speak proper English when I post this and then go to Mozilla to have her read it. As she can’t say shouldn’t wouldn’t or wasn’t or won’t correctly! Not to mention didn’t.

And she even says who’s funny; NOT to mention her jumping around and skipping when trying to use the arrow keys, as ‘Shirley this would drive Y’all crazy if Yuhs had to put up with it daily, right?

This concludes the speak I-T right portion of the NFN Networks test...


The Midas Touch?

If I were Tarvaris Jackson, I may be a tiny bit worried... You see, “Mister Excitement!” Better known by his real name Pete Carroll may have just echoed thee Coup de Grace upon Jackson’s future at Seattle?

Recall last year before that ‘lil Lockout thingy that Pete Carroll said re-signing Mathew Hasselback at Quarterback was Seattle’s Top priority! Yet when the NFL and its ‘Playuh’s got back together and Free Agency was decreed. The Seattle Seahawks left Hasselback free to look elsewheres - and immediately signed Jackson, the ex-Minnesota Vikings QB to a contract... Basically telling Hasselback to not let the door hit ‘em on the Keister!

And we all know that Matt went to the Tennessee Titans with a new three year contract instead; leading the Titans to a 9-7 record, the team’s first winning season since 2008.

And we also know that the Titans took Jake Locker No. 8 overall in the 2011 National Football League Draft, so Tennessee’s stocked at QB for the foreseeable future.

But back to Tarvaris, who Mister Excitement just stated publicly he’d be happy having ‘TJ back as his starter again next season. Along with mentioning how the foundations now been laid in Seattle - and the building blocks are in place for a future winning Franchise; Hmm?

As bewares Tarvaris, I hear from some ‘lil Birdie’s in Indiana, a one certain Mr. Peyton Manning may be available? As in perhaps the Indianapolis Colts will wish to trade Manning for a slew of future high ranking Draft Picks - in order to make way for possibly some guy named Eric Luck?

Then again may be the Seahawks would be bold enough to give up their No. 1 pick, Charles J.C. Whitehurst and ex-Seahawk QB Brock Huard to Indy as a package deal in order to upgrade its Quarterbacking position immediately!

As Seattle could theoretically keep Jackson as Manning’s back-up, Just-in-case... As after all ‘TJ’s used to sitting behind B-I-G name Starz, having held some guy’s clipboard named Brett “What Shoes?” Favre...

And it’s not like the New York Jets and Vikings didn’t go after a presumably future Hall of Famer QB, right? As after all Favre - when not busy texting pictures of his new shoes... Played the role of starting Quarterback for the ‘Viks and current Seahawks Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell; previously holding the same position at Minnesota.

And I’m told that Seahawks back-up QB Charlie Whitehurst appears to have an uncanny appearance to some Dude who got crucified... Which should make him fit in nicely in the Midwest, right? Not to mention ‘Ol JC’s started a few games in the NFL.

Meanwhile, Brock Huard should know Indy’s system - after all having been Manning’s understudy for the Colts circa 2002-03. So who better to teach rookie QB Eric Luck the ropes... Kind of a mentorship role like Tennessee hired Hasselback for his Heir-apparent Locker. As hey, if Huard doesn’t work out with Indy, he could always go back to his ‘lil radio show on KIRO with his Sidekick Mike Salk; as in Brock ‘N Soc!

Then again, may be, just may be? Pete Carroll and his steadily improving Seahawks will hang onto Jackson after all and instead focus upon using their upcoming 2012 NFL first-round Draft Pick on another pressing issue instead?


With NFL Regular Season games commencing – Tate can now QUIT Pissing Off NASCAR Fans with his Silly Twitter comments...

It was pretty funny to Mwah how much attention Seattle Seahawks Wide Reciever Golden Tate received from the racing world over his ridiculous Racecar Drivers AREN’T Athletes tweets during that ‘lil Lockout thingy...

Especially since I’m going to have to say that Tate is out to lunch on this one...

“Jimmy johnson up for best athlete???? Um nooo .. Driving a car does not show athleticism.”

As apparently Tate was not overly concerned with studying his Playbook - deciding to focus upon questioning ESPN’s wisdom in naming five-time NASCAR champion Jimmy Johnson as a candidate for the ESPY’s Athlete of the Year category instead.

Yet I think thee ‘GoldenJuan was perhaps overwhelmed by the torrent of rabid ‘RASSCAR Fans this summer assailing him over his lack of wisdom... As Tate finally threw in the towel after being given a good Old-fashion SMACK-DOWN by the legions of NASCAR and Jimmy Johnson supporters after having lit-up every imaginable motor racing outlet - from Newsprint, Bloggers and Talk Shows...

Thus, with the NFL lockout finally over, WOW! Just-in-Time to avoid scuttling the season and the predicted $9.3 BILLION GORSS revenue – who’d uh Thunk-it? As I’m happy for the fans, but I’m thinking the leagues greediness is going to leave a BAD taste in my mouth for awhile...

Thus, thee Golden ‘Juan has hopefully now turned his attention towards learning the Seahawks latest Offensive schemes and trying to help out new QB Tarvaris Jackson by stepping-up and becoming one of Jackson’s Go-To receivers!

As YES Golden, racing drivers ARE athletes – as I encourage you to try wrasslin’ a race car for 3-plus hours inside a metal box with temperatures exceeding 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit, as 42 other drivers try to pass you continuously , whilst trying to stay Ontrack and not crash into the wall on a steeply banked Oval...

Go Ahead Tate - I Dare You!


Oopsadaisy - Cup Trophy takes IT on the Chin

Recently while the ‘Ol Mug, the Grand Madame of the National Hockey League’s Holy Grail - The Stanley Cup was making the celebratory rounds of this year’s NHL Champions - the Boston Bruins, the revered trophy had a slight hiccup in Nova Scotia...

As ex-Boston Bruins Right Winger Michael Ryder was bringing the storied Silver cup to Newfoundland for only it’s second time, the Stanley Cup accidentally toppled over when placed upon a table for public viewing prior to being Helicopter from St. John's to Bonavista; OOPS! As the mighty Cup fell down and had a new dent inserted into it before quickly being righted!

Said bruised Mug was then carefully Air-freighted to Bonavista after having stopped in St. John's - Michael Ryder’s Home town upon its victory lap parade, while NO word on whether or not Ryder was given 5-minutes in the Penalty Box for knocking over Madame Stanley...

Yet the Stanley Cup’s latest Ding pails in comparison to the Copa del Rey, (King’s Cup) which you can read all about in; LOOKMA – NO HANDS; OOPS!


Tim Hightower Takes Control Of Running Back Position In Washington

Tim Hightower, who was under appreciated by the Arizona Cardinals organization, was snatched up by the Redskins and after some impressive outings in the preseason, looks to have put his stamp on the starting running back job in Washington.

Hightower showed toughness and craftiness while in Arizona and seemed to be a favourite of coach Wisenhunt until they got tired of his fumbling the ball.

He fumble 4 times in 2009 and then had 4 more fumbles in 2010.  The cardinals never utilized him to his full potential though.  Arizona just isn't much of a rushing team anyway.  They prefer to air it out to receivers like Larry Fitzgerald.

Now, with Hightower playing for run heavy coach Shanahan, it looks like his true talents may actually be realized.  Get this, Hightower is only 25 years old and he looks hungry.  In fact, he looks rather beastly.

I am making sure to grab him up as my TOP FANTASY SLEEPER in all my leagues.  He is starting to move up the charts but can still be had in the 7th, 8th or 9th round.  Make sure you grab this stud running back.


Seattle Seahawks Release DL Kentwan Balmer

The Seattle Seahawks released defensive lineman Kentwan Balmer on August 24. Balmer, he had been struggling to find a role on the Seahawks lately.

Now that he is unemployed, he may just have to play bingo online for money to replace his lofty NFL salary.

Although, he did play in all 16 games last year, alot of the reason was due to injuries suffered by Red Bryant and Brandon Mebane. He actually finished the year with a career-high 43 tackles.

But recently, Seattle signed Alan Branch and Jimmy Wilkerson. Add to that that both Bryant and Mebane are healthy and there just wasn't much room left for Kentwan.

The Seahawks have probably had more personell turnover in the past two years than any team I can remember.  Ever since Pete Carol was hired as the head coach, Seattle has been in a complete rebuilding mode as Pete Carol has certain physical features he is looking for in his players.

For example, he likes tall, athletic wide receivers as well as big and tall wide receivers.  With Tavaris Jackson at quarterback this year, the Seahawks will need to big linemen to give him maximum protection.


Dodging Balls on Belle Isle

Just ran across the following story - which is semi-sports related, as apparently Organizers in Detroit are trying to break the existing Dodgeball record.

Currently, the Guinness Book of World Records lists the most ever to contest a Dodgeball event at 2,136 in Rochester, NY set earlier this year. Dodgeball in the D organizers will document the event and send to Guinness for record consideration.

Along with the Dodgeball event taking place at Belle Isle, there will be a Detroit Red Wings Fan experience and Henry Ford Health exhibit, along with “Flopper” pilot Brian Olatunji., who drives a NHRA Top Fuel funnycar on hand - so watch out for that ball!


Big Diesel to become Big Mouth

The recently retired NBA All Star named SHAQ, aka Shaquille O’Neil, who’s been anointed a bevy ‘O nicknames, as Big Diesel and Big Cactus come to mind... Has just accepted a multi-year deal with turner Sports to become a Broadcast Analyst for TNT’s hit show Inside the NBA - obviously whenever the National Basketball Association fixes its ‘lil Lockout issue...

Thus Shaq will join TNT’s illustrious set of NBA Talking Heads – most notably Sir Charles, a.k.a. Charles Barkley, along with Kenny “the Jet” Smith and Straight-guy Ernie Johnson. Don’t know what his newest moniker will be? The Big Mouth works for me, probably just shouldn’t call him the fourth wheel or whatever to his face, right?

The multi-year deal also includes Shaq working for NBA TV and nba.com along with a development deal for Turner’s Entertainment and Animation properties; Huh? Whatever those are – you mean like a Shaq Attack cartoon? Or Shaq in a bottle SitCom? Oh Never Mind!


What Is Going On With The NFL This Season Anyway? Are There Any Straight Answers?

Let me just say this categorically. There is nothing and everything going on. There is no real hard news to go by. Just rumors and innuendo. One thing is for certain. There is a lot of Money at stake. A L O T of $$Federal Reserve Notes on the line.

Who is going to make all this FIAT anyway and how much. It will all come down to finding an area where both agree they are making enough to make it worthwhile.

On the players side, they are so highly paid that I just don't see them having as much leverage as the teams in the salary department.

But as we all know, neither side can survive without the other and therefore they must agree in the end. Both of their survivals depend on it. Without one there is no other, except, the teams can always hire scabs to replace the best players as they have done in the past.

The downside of this is people are not as interested in the sport when this occurs and the league doesn't sell enough tickets and advertising to make the amount of revenue necessary to generate large profits.